Khanh Nguyen

Khanh Nguyen


Google I/O 2024: Build generative AI agents with Vertex AI Agent Builder and Flutter

DevTools Extensions – Flutter Build Show

AI Flutter Code Generator with Gemini API | Build with Google AI

SegmentedButton (Widget of the Week)

Google DevShow: Firebase’s Release Monitoring dashboard, Dart 3.3 release, and more dev news!

feedback (Package of the Week)

Google DevShow: Firebase Demo Day Recap, Flutter 3.16, and more dev news!

Gap (Package of the Week)

fl_chart (Package of the Week)

Google DevShow: Device Streaming in Android Studio, Image Generation in MediaPipe, and more developer news!

24 hours with AI extensions, security, and more!

Google DevShow: Android Studio Bot expansion, Celebrating 25 years of Google, and more developer news!

Adding SFX to a Flame game and more!

Google I/O 2023: Flutter, Dart, and Raspberry Pi

Google DevShow: Google Capture the Flag returns, Generative AI in Search, and more Dev News

flutter_animate (Package of the Week)

flutter_lints (Package of the Week)

Using Dart analyze & Dart fix | Decoding Flutter

Adding enemies, power ups, and custom config to Doodle Dash | Learning to Fly

Doodle Dash & Flame: Collision detection, menus, and more! | Learning to Fly

Building Doodle Dash with Flutter & Flame | Learning to Fly

Google DevShow: Realm for Dart and Flutter, web experiences, and more dev news!

Flame (Package of the Week)

17 days of Flutter!

go_router (Package of the Week)

Google DevShow: Simple ML for Sheets, new Firestore features, and more dev news!

Managing State in Flutter - Introducing Flutter

Building a Dash Game with Flame | Learning to Fly

Google DevShow: Dataplex, Angular Router, and more dev news!

flutter_rating_bar (Package of the Week)

LinearGradient (Widget of the Week)

Introducing: DashBot the Chatbot! | Learning to Fly

FocusableActionDetector (Widget of the Week)

Type Promotion | Decoding Flutter

Making generic widgets (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 58)

shared_preferences (Package of the Week)

Google I/O 2022: Create simple, beautiful UI with Flutter

Boring to Fly - Fixing up MyDash (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 57)

google_fonts (Package of the Week)

MyDash: It’s not just one big build method anymore! | Learning to Fly

ALL THE DASH MERCH: Building the DashShop | Learning to Fly

Badges (Package of the Week)

get_it (Package of the Week)

Bringing the Dashboard to life | Learning to Fly

GestureDetector (Widget of the Week)

Building my first Flutter app | Learning to Fly

CachedNetworkImage (Package of the Week)